Causey Tiger Productions - Announcements

Contact: Stacy Brooks 221-2073

Congratulations to the new members of the 2020-2021 Tiger Tales Crew!


6th Grade


Ava Allen

Lena Azizi

Jordan Barron

Madelyn Blackmon

Adalie Brackin

Allie Brackin

Sidney Catlett

Malia Foster

Tate Graham

Madison King

Iyauna Morris

Dru Powell

Ella Pritchett

Nate Pritchett

Morgan Singleton

Madison Smith

LIVE Announcements from 7:20-7:30am

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Tiger Tales News/Causey Tiger Productions is Causey Middle School's daily live news show.  We provide daily productions to keep students informed about important topics and events on Causey's campus.  We have won a total of 22 MCPSS Film Festival awards for our 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 films.    


  ***Students and parents have the opportunity to celebrate Throw-Back-Thursday by sending in $1 and a "throw-back" picture to Mrs.Brooks in the library.  We will display your picture as a challenge for the entire school to guess who it is.  FUN!!***


***Birthdays are announced live on our show daily for only $1. See Mrs. Brooks in the library. You may also make a digital picture collage to be displayed with your birthday announcement!!!!!***