Dragon Fly Instructions

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Instructions for DragonFly Max
Electronic AHSAA Athletic Forms
1. Click on www.DragonflyMax.com - “Login/Sign Up” in the top right corner of the screen.
2. Click “Sign Up for Free”
3. Complete the Sign-Up form “as the parent with your information” (You will add your child later). First Name Last Name . Email Address or Mobile Number Create a password
Check "I'm not a robot" (You may have to pick some pictures to prove it.) · Click "Submit" button
4. Once you click submit, you will be sent a verification code. This code will arrive in one of two ways:
· Text Message (if you used a Mobile Number to sign up)
· Email (if you used an email to sign up)
· After entering your verification code, your account is created.
5. Create Your User Profile Select your Role: Parent Connect to your School: J6EG6K
6. Add Athletes
Enter first and last name of your student
· Enter School Code: J6EG6K
· Accept the terms of use
· Choose the Sports in which your Child plans on participating – if you are not sure of a team, click on “Everybody Else” – this will input your child into the Dragonfly system for our school.
7. Click on “Things To Do” to begin uploading the electronic paperwork
· Update Medical & Demographic Info (This information will be used to populate information on remaining forms to reduce input of redundant information.)
· Skip the Immunization section. This is not necessary.
· Electronic Signature Agreement
· Participation Agreement and Consent form
· Concussion Form
· Consent to Participate Form
· Covid Forms
· Pre-participation Physical Evaluation Form (This is the 1st page of the printed
Pre-participation Physical Form)- this is filled out electronically
· Physical Examination (This is the 2nd page of the printed Pre-participation Form) Upload the 2 page of the Pre-participation form that has been signed/stamped by a doctor. *Please ensure ALL blanks are filled out including dates and signatures
·Birth Certificate: All athletes must upload a current Birth Certificate if one is not uploaded to the Dragonfly system.
NFHS Sportsmanship Certificate:
All athletes must complete the Sportsmanship Certification. This can be found and completed on-line. Once this is completed, please upload this certification to your Dragonfly account.
New athletes: Go to: www.nfhslearn.com/courses
*Click on Register
*Complete registration and verify email. The athlete must register using their own name. *The certificate that prints at the conclusion of the course will have that name on it.
*Once registered, click on the Courses tab at top of screen.
*Search for Sportsmanship.
*Click on View Course.
*Order the course. (It is free.)
*Select state – Alabama
*Click on Checkout - the order summary is displayed.
*Click Continue.- the receipt is displayed.
*Click on “Click Here” to access your course.
*Click on Begin Course . (The first time you log in it makes you click through a tutorial of how site works.)
* Upload a copy of the certificate to Dragonfly Max