Morning Drop Off Procedures

Morning Drop Off Procedures

During morning drop off, all parents should enter campus from Jeff Hamilton Rd.

Teachers and staff enter from McFarland Rd.

It is strongly suggested not to drop off students before 6:55 a.m.  Students arriving before 6:55 are not supervised.

Parents arriving early but wishing to wait to drop off students should not wait in the curved drive by the awning.  It blocks traffic.  You should wait in the long drive at the stop sign where parents line up in the afternoons.

Parents should drive all the way around the driveway once students are dropped off and not drive through the faculty parking lot.

Once take-in begins at 6:55, faculty members are in the driveway to assist with traffic.  For the safety of all students, please follow procedures and directions from staff members. All vehicles should pull all the way up as far as possible.  Students should exit the vehicle quickly.  Please only unload in the authorized loading/unloading zone.

Tardy Bell rings at 7:15.  After 7:15, all students should report to the office for a tardy pass.