Anti-Bullying Week


This week is Anti-Bullying Week. Each day we are communicating to students the importance of standing up to bullies and the harmful effects bullying has on students. Wednesday students are encouraged to wear orange shirts with their uniform pants to stand united against bullying.

MONDAY: Can’t Touch This: Physical Bullying Students will learn about what
bullying is by watching a short video on bullying. They will participate in an activity that
shows the effects bullying can have on a person.

TUESDAY: Watch Ya’ Mouth:Verbal Bullying Our students will learn what
physical and verbal bullying is. They will watch a short video that illustrates two types of

WEDNESDAY:It’s Rude to Exclude: Social Bullying UNITY DAY! Everyone is
encouraged to wear an orange shirt with their uniform bottoms. Unity Day is a day to
bring together youth, parents, educators, businesses, and community members across the
nation to emphasize that bullying is NOT acceptable and that all students deserve to be
safe in school, online, and the community. Students will watch a video about social bullying,
followed by a video on “The Science of Kindness.” The students are encouraged to
perform “Random Acts of Kindness” throughout their schools and our community.

THURSDAY: Stop Being Mean Behind the Screen: Cyberbullying
Students will learn about cyberbullying. They will also watch a video about how to end
bullying for good. With this week being all about coming together, we are encouraging kids
to start up conversations with people they don’t know.

FRIDAY: Show Out Friday: Speak Out Against Bullying! Today is all about
creating a world without bullying. Bullying prevention takes a united effort of students and
adults. It also takes an individual effort. It is about each person taking responsibility.
Each one of us can participate in creating a world without bullying. Each one of us can
also define where we want to start. The more we speak out, the more that bullying can
be prevented. Our students will watch a video about what happens when people stand up
for others. They will also sign an anti-bullying pledge online.